Let's Move! Project: upcoming sept 7th at Motor Ave Farmers Mkt - Palms

CLICK for photosLet's Move! WLA projects making GOOD on the First Lady's challenge: Volunteer 3-5 hrs to promote UPgrades to daily patterns of fitness - nutrition - wellness.  Our 1st Sunday Farmers Market Wellness Fairs brings together MOA Wellness Center+Westside Family YMCA at the Palms neighborhood Motor Ave Farmers Market.  Our Team has included D-FORCE for Life's Rufus DorseyHeal One World's Vivacious Yoga Teacher, De Jur Jones and Olympic Gold MedalistAlthea Moses, ABC Yoga For Kids Teresa Anne Power. We contribute to a neighborly atmosphere to 'enhance the shoppers experience'. We offer 'Fitness Breaks' DEMO's + Personal  Fitness advice. See events/calendar for details & join us Sept. 7th...

Let's Move! Ambassadors: LaTasha&Mike's Family+Rufus+Lisa's Family

CLICK for pictsWe don't venture much from the Westside as a policy of green efficiency. But when Caitlin Yoshioka, of Long Beach RotarAct invited us to come 'play in the sand' for Long Beach's 82nd Annual Great Sand Castle Contest a Team promptly came together. Caitlin is a fitness-oriented Program Mgr at Better Learning for All Students Today (BLAST) in Long Beach. We were able to share an action-packed FUNDAY as 10,000+ inspectful beach-goers strolled/watched us sculpt the sands & cheering with shrieks of, "Hey that's Let's Move..."! We do project after project not realizing how many people cherish good energy/works Mrs. Obama's Initiative has wrought .  The event gave the Team a unique super-invigorating sense of fulfillment.  

Personal wellness grows whenever we promote UPgrades to daily patterns of fitness - nutrition - wellness.  This makes us complete as human citizens & the well-being that results  helps us to enjoy Life more! Thanks Team for a great Long Beach wellness experience...


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Let's Move! Ambassadors: Latasha+Rufus+Skye at Head Start Day

CLICK for photos. The Children's Institute Incorporated operates 25 Head Start Centers in LA's poorest neighborhoods.  At this community-wide event, Lead Team/SUPER Mom LaTasha Lyons with D-FORCE Trainer, Rufus Dorsey and Heal One World CEO/Tai Chi Instructor, Skye Kelly produced wide smiles among children, parents, staff and community members in an exhilarating workout session that left everyone wanting more & more. A return to Head Start is in the plans...

Cal State Long Beach - 2014 Let's Move! Clinic is fitness blast for kids!

CLICK for complete photo-journal -  A class project for Cal State Long Beach undergrads in Event Planning & Management. The project welcomed elementary to high school kids for a Let's Move! challenge that offered proficiencies in 10 areas of fitness - nutrition - wellness. Plus a well-organized campus experience coordinated by student leader, Jo-Marie Lawrence assisted by Chancellor's Office Rep, Kirran Moss. Mucho credit goes to LM! WLA's, LaTasha Lyons for helping shape this FUN-filled day

let's move! ucla project: black pre-health students & youth health fest

CLICK for complete photo-coverage - The 2014 UCLA/BPHO Youth Health Fest was the 2nd annual Health Promotion event organized by a highly-creative student group, Black Pre-Health Organization.  Let's Move! Hollywood & Let's Move! WLA Olympian, Althea Moses got things 'off the hook' with a fitness workout that turned into a filmed 'Harlem Shake' session. Children (ages K-8th) were awestruck by the spectacular UCLA campus setting. Lunch was provided by Chik-Fil-A Westwood. Great leadership by Danielle Andrews & the BPHO board (pictured above) with support from UCLA's FITTED program and student campus groups! 

Let's Move! Team triumphS FOR KIDS - 2014 Uni High Health&fitness fair

CLICK for photos. This 6th annual class project by students in member Coach Kerri Eich's School of Health & Environmental Sciences at Uni High (LAUSD's "school in a school program"), was a collaborative success involving 400 - 500 guests, 20 - 25 business + healthcare + gardening + govt. exhibits/resources & Let's Move! Team. One highlight was member June Caldwell's 'Thrill The World LA' dance-fitness that had everyone on-their-feetLet's Move! on 7th annual event with a review: 2014 Uni Health Fair Resource Directory

Let's Move! WLA CONNECTS: Tunisian expert offers drought strategies

Dr. Bellachhheb Chabani, PhD has led crop productivity projects in dry North Africa & the Middle East. The United Nations, World Bank, The Arid Institute of Tunisia are among his research partners. Following a presentation on his latest invention for drought mitigation (The Buried Diffuser), at the Global Forum on Innovations in Agriculture (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Chabani found time to visit with students at local University High School for a DEMO/discussion in their campus garden - Food Forest:

Let's Move! Ambassadors: teacher training at Irvine conference

CLICK for photos. Partner Heal One World (HOW), led our Training for Teachers at the National Adapted PE Conference.  LM! Team included, John King, Prod/Host 'Fitness For Every Life' (KVMD Ch23); Byron & Melissa Culp Family and Heal One World Trainers De Jur Jones (Chair Yoga) and Skye Kelly (Tai Chi).

Conf Manager/LM! WLA Teamer, Beverly Vigil asked us to lead a cultural fitness session.John did warm-UPs and Skye & De Jur led culturally-inspired sessions. FUN supporting National Adapted PE Teachers!


Let's Move! ambassadors: jason+Mai+Latasha+Lavinia at Glen Alla Park

CLICK for photos. The Del Rey Neighborhood Council hosted

'Family Wellness Day'. Our Team included Culver -Palms Family YMCA + Westside Family Health Center & others. The Neighborhood Council volunteers combat apathy by problem-solving with city officials/staff to improve quality of life. Learn more at Empower LA as everyone wants Healthier LA neighborhoods...


Collaboration of health advocates + neighbors + businesses promoting wellness UPgrades in Westside Los Angeles.

Mrs. Obama on Let's Move! - 2010

Gardens that Teach!

More info on supporting your school - home - community gardening CLICK LA Community Garden Council

Let's Move! at 'FOOD EXPOSED' TV


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rewind: Let's Move! @ University HS

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